The project has ended. We do not conduct interviews any more.

We are looking for people who have experienced violence. Victims, perpetrators, witnesses.

Do you want to to share your story? We will listen.

We create words and images for your experience.

How does it work?

Please use the contact form to get in touch. At this point we do not need any particular information.

We will get back to you and talk things through via email or phone as you prefer.

Finally we would like to meet, conduct an interview and take pictures of you.

A few things I would like to ask…
What will the story look like

There are four stories at the end of this page. Please have look.

What happens with the text you are writing and the images you are making?

Text and images will be published on the violens blog. At some time in the future there might be a book or an exhibition . Excerpts might be shared on social media or may be part of media reporting on the violens project.

Will you publish my real name?

Of course not. We won’t use your real name unless you explicitly want us to.

Where will we meet?

Wherever you like, wherever you feel comfortable meeting us.

Do you make money with this project?

Violens does cost money, it is not a commercial project.  We might sell a book or prints at a later stage.

Can I use the photos for myself?

Absolutely, you’ll receive a selection of the images taken, free for your personal use (website, social media, etc).

Can I be photographed in a way that my face can’t be recognized

Sure thing. Somebody close to you might still recognize you, though.

Do I have a say in the editing of the text or pictures.?

We do the text and the images. We will treat you and your story with the utmost respect.

Who is

Dirk Könnecke violens
Dirk Könnecke

Dirk is the writer and lives with his wife Kuki in Hamburg and Teneriffa

“I run Violens because my own story had a hold on me for years, and only when I founded this project I found an outlet for my experiences. I want to offer other people, who have encountered violence, a place to share their experiences and – in the best case – break away or remove themselves from the repercussions of what they had to go through.”

Martin U Waltz violens
Martin U Waltz

Martin is the photographer. He lives with his wife and his two sons in Berlin. Martin has won numerous international photography awards. His work has been shown recently in New York, Paris, Dublin, London, Rome, Bucharest and Berlin.
Martin U Waltz Photography

“The act of violence is in the past. Yet the experience of violence can still be felt  in the present moment. This is what I want to show with my images”