How it all started started with a punch in the face.  

This simple question “You have a light?” got Dirk Könnecke a broken jaw and an extended stay in hospital. Even after 27 years this experience and its effects are still present. You can find Dirk’s story here.

Based on the friendship with the photographer Martin U Waltz Dirk Könnecke came up with the idea to turn his experience into an art project of literature and photography. And to offer to others who have experienced violence the very same opportunity.

Who is

Dirk Könnecke violens
Dirk Könnecke

Dirk is the writer and lives with his wife Kuki in Hamburg and Teneriffa

“I started with because of my own story. It had such  a strong hold on me for many, many years. By founding this project I created a way to express my own experience.

I want to offer others, who have encountered violence, a place to share their experiences. 

In the best case helping them to break away or remove themselves from the repercussions of their experiences.”

Martin U Waltz violens
Martin U Waltz

Martin is the photographer in Berlin. Martin has won numerous international photography awards. His work has been shown recently in New York, Paris, Dublin, London, Rome, Bucharest and Berlin.

“The act of violence is in the past. Yet the experience of violence can still be felt  in the present moment. This is what I want to show with my images”