Stories on Violence

Whatever happens, will always happen .
The usual and the unspeakable.
Nothing will ever change that.

Not even violence.
Violence is analogue.
No amount of time, no digitally processed image will ever change that.

Violence comes with human faces. And it is these faces we want to show. Both as analogue as possible and as digitally as needed.
Violens takes a digital form. The origins of violens are analogue as is the starting point of this project.

Martin U Waltz violens

Violens started with a punch in the face.  This simple question “You have a light?” got Dirk Könnecke a broken jaw and an extended stay in hospital. Even after 27 years this experience and its effects are still present. You can find Dirk’s story here. Based on the friendship with the photographer Martin U Waltz Dirk Könnecke came up with the idea to turn his experience into an art project of literature and photography. And to offer to others who have experienced violence the very same opportunity.  Here is a place to tell your story. We will write a text and take the photos.

Violens has no social, political or therapeutic aspirations. Violens is an art project on violence. We believe we are all equal when it comes to violence. And we are interested in all experiences of violence and all perspectives on violence . We do not judge. We wish to create an artistic reflection on violence. Very subjective and with lots of empathy.

Each and every story is unique and we will approach it with the utmost respect.

Martin U Waltz violens

Violens is looking for you.

We are looking for people who have experienced violence. Victims, perpetrators, witnesses. Are you willing to share your story? We will listen to you.

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