Stories on Violence

The project has ended. We do not conduct anymore interviews.

We tell stories about violence

We meet people who have experienced violence. We listen, we ask questions and finally we take some portraits of the interviewee. We will create a story out this interview, very subjective and immdiate, narrated in a first person perspective. 

The words and the images will blend in to one.

We are the Hamburg bases writer Dirk Könnecke and the photographer Martin U Waltz in Berlin.

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Martin U Waltz violens

We do not judge

We believe we are all equal when it comes to violence. We do not judge. We are no therapists either. We wish to create an artistic reflection on violence. Very subjective and with lots of empathy.

Each and every story is unique and we will approach it with the utmost respect.

Martin U Waltz violens

We listen

We are looking for people who have experienced violence. Victims, perpetrators, witnesses. Would you like to share your story? We will listen to you. Please learn more.

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